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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Bin Bag Fashion!!!

Animal Day
So we had a week at the end of last term called ‘RAG week’. This was where everyday 6th form had to dress up as a different theme... for example one day was pyjama day, animal day, celebrity day, etc. Well, Friday’s theme was ‘Rags’.  As soon as I heard this I wanted to come in a bin bag. I told my friend, and he was not as exited as me actually. He said ‘’How are you supposed to look good wearing a bin bag!!??’’ (Just imagine his face. It was not pretty.) I must admit, I did get a little bit defensive that he was lashing my idea to pieces, and went ‘’GOD!! Its not always about looking good!’’ and stormed off in a huff, vowing myself to yes, now look good as well as have fun.
So... I came up with a few designs... as you can see me modelling them like a pro in the photos. I was happy with them all, but there was one problem; I had made them on me, if you know what I mean. So then I had to cut them off me. And of course that meant they were ruined. Obviously. (why did I even write that!!?? :/ ) Anyway, this meant that I had to wake up early for school the next day, *horror*, and make one on myself.
Now, I’m not a particularly morning person so if I’m honest, it was not as good as it could have been. For example, as I tried to focus through my practically closed eyes, I didn’t realise that I had cut the hemline extremely short. I didn’t even realise this until after I came back from breakfast (I go to a boarding school you see, so I always have to rush in the mornings to get my ass out of bed and into the dining hall before they lock it and deprive me of food). Well when I came back from breakfast I realised this and was slightly embarrassed, but due to my many designs the night before I had only left myself with one bin bag – that I was now wearing. I thought *oh dear, embarrassing, awkward, live with it* and set off to class.
I managed to make it through the day alright. It was a bit cold – I was especially freezing but that’s just me, because I’m always cold, well at least here in England. L I only had one incident of one idiot trying to rip it off. The twat just sort of lunged and grabbed it and then was like ‘’what would you do if it ripped it off’’. And I was like ‘’well your not going to. So get off. Now.’’ And he was like ‘’Are you wearing shorts underneath’’(In a completely doofus voice). I was like *CRAP-shorts!! Completely forgot!!* ‘’No – I didn’t expect any need to’’. By this time he’d let go, and did a huge Cheshire cat grin at me and lumbered off. Typical. But other than that all was good!

RAG-day, me in bin bag, and this tramp that I just met!! ;)
Oh and then I got nominated for the award of the best dressed girl. There were 4 of us. And I had made an effort all week, and I had got into every theme, and looked like a prat on some occasions (for example, when we did a blind drop - where your blindfolded in a mini-bus and dropped somewhere and have to make your way back to school using a map – which me and my friend won by quite a long way!! Dont really know how... - and I was dressed as an incredible), and looked good on some occasions... like... today?? Anyway, the winner was decided by a game of musical chairs -.- On the first round, the music stopped just as I was next to a chair, so I got through without any effort. But on the second round, again, the music stopped as I was right next to a chair, but one of the other girls –from yr13 – pushed me out the way. I didn’t feel like the award was worth enough to fight for (ESPECIALLY not with this girl), nor did I want ANY possibility of ripping my dress, so I just sort of let her sink her bottom onto my chair. She ended up winning... even though she didn’t deserve it at all!! But you know, good on her!! – if you want something, no matter how small, you have to flight for it (in relativity though)!!

'Blind drop' still with our incredible masks :D

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