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Saturday, 22 June 2013

My Dreary Detox Diet Day

I decided to try out a detox day!! Over the last few days I have not been very kind to my body in terms of the stuff I’d given it to run on! A detox day is designed to flush out all the bad toxins in your body and get it sparkling clean on the inside ready for your new healthy eating regime and lifestyle. Not only do they prepare you physically, but mentally too, which is very handy when it comes to food and eating.
Well, technically, most detox diets typically last for 1-3 weeks, and you gradually build up from liquids to food and then more varieties of foods and so on. But anyway, I couldn’t last that long, so I just did one day. I ate only fruit and veg.
It started off well, I ate fruit for breakfast  and the energy I had stored in me from the past few days kept me going all morning. Lunch too, was good, I ate an avocado and cucumber salad and some more fruit. However that didn’t fill me up for long... so I had to eat another avocado and cucumber salad, and more fruit. And when it got to dinner time, my soup (and yet more fruit) didn’t really fill me up at all... but then I found out that hummus is made of vegetables... and I LOVE hummus, so I just ate that with celery, which was yummy.
Overall; I didn’t really enjoy the day to be honest. (Oh, my actual day was really good!! First time the sun has shone in London for ages!! But I mean detox-wise...) It was just kind of boring, and when my mum’s boyfriend offered me some of his amazing pasta, I had to refuse because is was not made entirely of vegetables, and that was not a nice moment, not nice at all, especially when he proceeded to sit down and eat it in front of me... and there was like the smell and I could see it... ugghh, don’t even want to remember the moment!!!
Yeah, I don’t think I could last detoxing for a week!! I’d get way too hungry! And it didn’t give me much energy at all... which was not a pleasant feeling because normally I am a person with lots of energy!! :/
So, would I recommend it? Meh. Maybe if you actually followed a legit detox diet and did the full on week thing. I mean, there’s no denying; it does do your body good. And it does set you up mentally for healthy eating. But it doesn’t give you much energy and you have to cut down your daily exercise – so if your training for a marathon or something I defiantly wouldn’t recommend it!! ''Consumer Reports Health'' says "Detox for a day or so is generally not harmful and might shake you out of an unhealthy eating pattern."  That possibly the main thing you can take away from it actually.

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