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Saturday, 22 June 2013

The great Gatsby and Gnocchi (I cant even say that.)

Right. Lets just first of all say that I, Laura, am embarrassingly, painfully, yet satisfyingly burnt after 2 days of London sunshine. This is firstly embarrassing as I’m now red and I have a job interview tomorrow morning, but even if I didn’t, its still embarrassing because you might have to go out in public and then people might see you and think ‘’LOL, look a white person went into the sun for a couple of minuets and couldn’t handle it’’, which is so not the case. I can handle sun! But no one could handle 2 full days of sun after being deprived of it for more than half a year. Plus  its also very embarrassing to think of the awkward tan lines that I will have created for myself (short and trainer lines *horror* !!!). Secondly it is painful because my skin cells have been roasted by the harmful UV rays of the sun. Need I say more to back that point up!? And lastly, it is strangely satisfying as a sun burn is always the result of a nice day, and you know that its going to turn into a nice tan. Plus in London, you feel like ‘’Oh good I’m burnt. That means I’ve made the most out of the sun or this month as its going to rain solidly from now until July’’ (which it is – according to BBC weather).

But anyway, aside from that, I watched The Great Gatsby in the cinema. Its about a guy: Nick, who moves to NYC in the hope of earning himself the life of the rich and successful, like his cousin Daisy who married a very rich man; Tom, who Nick went to Yale with. Well anyway, Nick moves next to the invisible, party-throwing, millionaire; Gatsby. Whom very few have seen, and even fewer actually know. But what is his motive behind throwing all these parties? And what else happens in the movie? Well of course I know, but you have to watch the movie to find out :D . Its a film about love and money. And I think the main moral of the story is that money can’t buy you love, which is the one thing that would make the slightly crazed Gatsby happy. So basically its just another take on the saying ‘’money cant buy you happiness’’, which I disagree with, but anyway, really good movie, I  recommend it... go see it! Especially if you are a Leonardo DiCaprio fan (because he is Gatsby), like meeee!!
I am a HUGE fan!! I used to think that he was just one of those lucky actors who got to play a role in a majorly successful film, made their big break into the industry and then continue with their crap acting career just because they were now them, and were wanted in people’s films so more people would watch that film because it had a household name actor in it. (If that even makes sense). So anyway I thought DiCaprio was one of those, but actually he’s really not. He’s reallyyy good!! Like Jonny Depp (who I also LOVE), he can play loads of different types of roles and does them all so well. That seems such a crap explanation, but how would you describe a really good actor or actress!? Its hard! There’s just something about them that makes them really special!! Well yes, that thing is called talent,  but acting talent is hard to put into words or define!!

Then I went to Carluccio's which is a really nice Italian restaurant serving really nice Italian food. 
The one we went to was on the river side which added to the relaxed friendly atmosphere  of the restaurant. The entry has a little deli in it where you can sample little bits of bread in Italian 
olive oil and buy or brows fresh, but expensive, Italian produce such as different types of pasta and oils. We sat at a wooden table with candles and our orders were taken by charming Italian men, the whole atmosphere was really chilled and everyone inside seemed to be having a great time!  I ate gnocchi al gorgonzola (Fresh potato gnocchi with a gorgonzola (a type of cheese) and spinach) which tasted really good, and was also really filling. I would describe it as a more relaxed version of Strada or Preto... does that sound good!?

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