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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Free Travel Photographer of the year exhibition in the Royal Geographical Society in South Kensington

Yesterday was hot HOT and awesome sunbathing weather, so I wont tell you about what I did then, well, there's not much to say....I'll tell you about what I did the day before that...

I went to the Travel Photographer of the year exhibition in the Royal Geographical Society in South Kensington. Its free (that's why I went!!), and it features photo's taken by both professional and non-professional photographers... of all ages - I was really impressed by the winner of the child's 15-18 category who has captured horses beautifully.

There were lots of different categories and one called ‘cultures and traditions’ which was won by Sergey Anisimov who had taken a really gross picture of a skull of a reindeer in the snow. Eww, but really good.

There was one image that stood out for me, and as I wondered over I had to breath 'wow' under my breath - it was of children and adults sitting on top of a fast moving train - you can tell its fast moving because the lush greenery surrounding the train and framing the image perfectly is blurred with the colors smudging into each other. The children directly in front of the photographer are looking into the lens, they are not posing - just holding on to the roof for their lives!!! What everyone is wearing adds amazing vibrant color to the photo. 90% of photos taken could have a better or the same effect if taken in black and white - but this is in that tiny 10% of fantastic color photos.

I know that there will be four days of ticketed photography talks and workshops with speakers such as Gavin Gough, Colin Prior and Steve Bloom (July 17, 24, 27 and 28; £25-£150), but there are other, free :D, small talks on multiple times every day. For example, the one I went to explained how a camera works. And I learnt why pirates cover one eye with a patch - no, its not because every single one of them had had one of their eyes gouged out (as I had previously thought); its because as they jumped below deck, into the dark damp living quarters on another ship to commandeer it, they swapped the patch over to the other eye which wasn't accustomed to the dark, and the one that was (because it is obviously dark under a patch) would aid them in fighting the ships residents!!

The exhibition  is on until September 2013.

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