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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Limbo in London Southbank

When you come out of Waterloo station, and go through the tunnel and up the stairs, turn left. You will see a really cute beer garden with fairy lights and happy people, if you walk through it you will notice the entrance of a large red and white circus tent. Coming from this tent is the smell of low hanging smoke and an inviting glow. If you enter this tent, you can watch a show called Limbo.

Once inside, you take your seat around a surprisingly small stage set in the middle of the tent. That glow noticed from outside is the only source of light and it comes from light bulbs hanging down above this stage.

The show begins. It starts off quiet weirdly - and the contortionist guy freaks me out and I can't watch - I'm wondering what I've got myself into. But then my opinion completely changes. The acts come on, one by one, athlete after athlete, entertainer after entertainer. There's a guy I named 'money man' who seems to display the limits of human strength with some gymnastics on top of some iron bars. He could dance too, and did a wonderful performance with another 2 men. There was a French man as well who did an act climbing and falling (!!) down a pole, a woman who breathed fire and another woman who was an awesome tap dancer!!

I really enjoyed it!! I found it inspiring. This group of young entertainers traveling the world, having fun, doing what they love to an awe-struck audience. And as I walked out the tent, I couldn't help wondering what it would be like to join them - I remembered back to my IGCSE results day - where I did surprisingly well and my dreams of joining the circus and riding round on the backs of horses with feathers on their heads was shunted by the burden of higher education.

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  1. hahahha, ''shunted by the burden of higher education''! ly Lo